Universal Vaccine Purchase Resources


The core of KidsVax’s (KV’s) business is helping states operate equitable and sustainable funding programs.  The KV program is uniquely designed to provide the full spectrum of services whether a program is fully developed, expanding, or just in the planning stages.

Funding Public Health Programs

(Immunizations/Behavioral Health/Children with Special Health Needs)

There are many factors to consider when implementing a funding program including legislation, stakeholders, and the overall implementation process.  The charitable KV Foundation offers consulting services on a pro-bono, limited time basis to help states determine a course of action and next steps

After the exploratory period, if a state decides to pursue implementing a funding program, the KV Foundation assists public policy makers with legislative initiatives and model legislation that statutorily supports lasting and equitable funding programs.

Once legislation passes to establish a funding program, the set-up phase begins.  KV’s turn-key solutions supply all the services required to implement and operate a fund by instituting essential administrative, governance, and reporting structural support.

KV’s shared funding model provides funding stability, transparency, stakeholder support, payer equity, and program flexibility.  Our administrative services for each fund include:

  • website graphic design and maintenance
  • advisory board creation
  • assessment determination, collection, and processing
  • payer education and assistance
  • public repository oversight for program information
  • non-compliance issue resolution
  • and more…

Consulting Services

With extensive experience working with government affairs groups, KV has attorneys on staff that can supervise and bring together an array of teams that support needs created around vaccine programs. For example, under a special engagement with Alaska, KidsVax® conducted a special survey for in-depth information regarding the landscape for their adult population to better anticipate purchasing vaccine needs.

KV serves as a liaison with outside counsel and works with federal agencies to ensure payer equitability and continued cost-savings

KV specializes in other administration services such as the state of Washington (WA) Partnership Access Lines (PAL) funding program (WAPAL Fund).  WAPAL Fund provides funding for the costs to maintain certain psychiatry and behavioral sciences consultation and referral lines overseen by the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA).  KV also specializes in administration services for the Rhode Island Children’s Health Account (CHA-RI), which secures funding for children with complex medical needs or long-term disabilities.

Our team’s in-depth knowledge of health services and funding administration allows us to offer creative solutions to complex problems.