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About Us

Our work administering funding programs for childhood vaccines began in 2002, when Kidsvax® (KV) formed the New Hampshire Vaccine Association This was the nation’s first universal childhood vaccine funding program.

Since then, we have helped setup the Maine Vaccine Board, the Washington Vaccine Association, the Rhode Island Vaccine Assessment Program, the Vermont Vaccine Purchasing Program, and the Alaska Vaccine Assessment Program. They oversee universal purchase of vaccines for both children and adults for their respective states.

Throughout the years, KV has grown exponentially. We offer an array of consulting services and funding administration for childhood and adult vaccines through state-mandated universal purchase programs as well as other unique health care initiatives. KV provides a range of administrative services for nonprofit, governmental, and quasi-governmental organizations nationwide. We also offer consulting services for special projects, payer compliance, and other health administration services.

Why KidsVax®?

With years of experience, key staff were deeply interested in advancing a single standard of immunization care, easy access to vaccines for both publicly and privately insured children, and the corresponding benefits to providers, payers, and the public at large. Key benefits are listed below.

Improved Access: Making vaccines available to all, regardless of economic status, affords access to improved healthcare and better outcomes for both individuals and their communities.

Lower Costs: States that serve as the single purchaser of vaccines for publicly and privately insured children receive more favorable pricing. Depending on the vaccine, these prices are from 15 percent to 60 percent lower than private purchase alternatives.

Provider Benefits: Health care providers can continue to administer childhood vaccines to their patients, worry-free and free of charge. In addition, they avoid the financial and staffing burden required to purchase vaccines privately and store serum separately for privately and publicly insured children.

Immunization Benefits: Next to clean drinking water and good nutrition, vaccines have saved more lives than any other public-health intervention in modern history. In 2008, the Centers for Disease Control estimated that vaccinating every child born in the U.S. from birth to adolescence would prevent 14 million infections, spare 33,000 lives, and save $10 billion in medical costs. (SOURCE: “How Safe Are Vaccines?” by Alice Park, Time, May 21, 2008.)

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To learn more about the work of KidsVax® and our clients, please email us at info@KidsVax.org