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The KidsVax® (KV) program is to administer funds that pay for vital public health programs serving children and adults in Alaska, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington State on behalf of the following state-mandated nonprofit organizations:

Alaska Vaccine Assessment Program

The Alaska Vaccine Assessment Program (AVAP) was formed by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) in 2014. DHSS contracted with KidsVax®to administer this process. The program seeks to facilitate the universal purchase of vaccines for all children and adults in the state of Alaska. It does this by collecting payments from health plans, insurance companies, and other payers and remitting those funds to the state.

Maine Vaccine Board

The Maine Vaccine Board (MVB) was created in 2010 to administer the flow of funds for the state’s Universal Childhood Immunization Program, which formally launched in January 2012. The program was created to provide all the state’s children — from birth to 19 years of age — with access to a uniform set of vaccines, as determined by the Maine Vaccine Board.

Rhode Island Children’s Health Account Program

CHA-RI was formed in 2016 to assist the State of Rhode Island in funding services for children with long term disabilities or complex medical needs who live at home with their families. We ensure the necessary flow of service assessment funds by collecting payments from health plans, insurance companies and other payers and remitting those to the state. Through the state’s children’s health account, the state amplifies their resources to fund these services in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Rhode Island Vaccine Assessment Program

The Rhode Island Vaccine Assessment Program (RIVAP) was formed in 2015 to improve funding to support universal access to state-distributed vaccines for children and adults. RIVAP enables Rhode Island to purchase vaccines for the state’s entire population and distribute them to health care providers at no cost. RIVAP is an agency of the Rhode Island Department of Health.

Vermont Vaccine Purchasing Program

In 2013, the Vermont Department of Health (VDH) worked with KV to establish the Vermont Vaccine Purchasing Program (VVPP). Through this program, VDH efficiently and equitably provides for the necessary flow of vaccine purchase funds. They do this by collecting funds from health plans, insurance companies, and other payers. The state uses these funds to purchase vaccines for Vermont’s Vaccines for Children (VFC) and Vaccine for Adults (VFA) programs. These vaccines are purchased at favorable rates and distributed to providers at no charge.

State of Washington Partnership Access lines Funding Program (WAPAL Fund)

The state of Washington (WA) Partnership Access Lines (PAL) funding program (WAPAL Fund) is an assessment program established under Washington law, in 2021.  WAPAL Fund provides funding for the costs to maintain certain psychiatry and behavioral sciences consultation and referral lines overseen by the Washington State HealthCare Authority (HCA).