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Administering Programs to Fund Vaccines


Search Tips

  • Be as specific as you can, rather than searching for vaccine, search for a particular type of vaccine.
  • Use double quotes to search for an exact phrase. "List of Vaccines to Be Provided" finds that exact phrase. Single quotes do not work.
  • There are certain words and characters called operators that Search reads as instructions rather than words. Basic operators such as OR, AND, or NOT may be used to help refine your searches.
  • If there are too many results, try using AND. If there are too few results, try OR.
  • For attachments, just the page will be listed as a “hit.” To further pursue searches within attachments, it would be necessary to open each attachment on the page and use that application’s search facility to search its content. There may be more than one hit on attachments on a given page.

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